Steam Clean Couch

Steam Clean Couch – Do It Yourself

Steam Clean CouchSteam clean couch helps remove dirt, grime, mildew and other allergens and makes the couch hygienic and look newer.  Steam cleaning is a deep cleaning process by using chemicals and high pressure blast hot water and steam to your couch. The process can also clean carpets and other upholstery. When steam cleaning your couch, it is recommended to know the fabric of your couch by looking at the cleaning code underneath the frames of the cushions but not all couches have it since the law does not require manufacturers to place cleaning codes.

You will see the following cleaning codes:

“W” (wet or water) – It is safe to apply water.
“S” (solvents only) – Dry-clean only, Strictly NO WATER.
“S/W” – (solvent-based or water-based cleaners) Safe to use both solvent and water-based cleaners.
“X” (vacuum only) – Use vacuum to clean only.

Before steam clean couch, make sure to do a test on an inconspicuous area with a little water to avoid any damage such as water stains and color loss.


  1. First, remove the cushions and start to vacuum the frames to remove dust and do the same to the cushions.
  2. Use a hot water and fill the reservoir steam cleaning Steam Clean Couch
  3. Add cleaning solution and water it down. Do not use too much solution for it only helps but water helps break up and extract dirt.
  4. Clean the entire couch and cushions from side and top to bottom.
  5. Suck up as more water as possible and go over the cushions.
  6. Wash the entire couch and all surfaces with the steam cleaning machine. Suck up more water.
  7. Let the frame dry up. Use a fan to allow more air for faster drying. Better leave the cushions standing up and let them dry for about 1-3 hours.

If you are not sure what kind of fabric your couch is, better let the professionals do the steam clean couch for the material tells what method to use and how effectively it can be cleaned.




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