How to Clean Upholstery

How to clean upholstery – to keep your furniture looking like new

how to clean upholsteryWhen cleaning upholstery it is important to get to it as soon as possible. The longer you take to clean it the harder it is to get stains out and to make your upholstery looking nice. Following are some simple steps on how to clean upholstery.

Get rid of the solid pieces

When you clean upholstery begin cleaning by getting rid of any large chunks and crumbs. You can vacuum the crumbs away easily. Hopefully you are cleaning the upholstery soon after the mess was made which makes it easier getting sticky things off. If there are any large chunks stuck on the upholstery use the side of a spoon and carefully scrape off what you can. Be very cautious about pushing the gunk deeper into the fabric. You may need to go over the fabric again with the vacuum. The vacuum will pick up all the tiny and small pieces that was scraped off earlier. When vacuuming use the attachable dusting brush onto the hose, the brush is gentler on the fabric. If you don’t have an attachable dusting brush you can use a dusting brush. If you are cleaning a stain that is still wet don’t go over the area with the vacuum but go onto the next step.

How to clean upholstery with a cleaner

You can get upholstery cleaner at your local store or you can make your own cleaner at home. Mix a quarter cup of natural dish detergent with one cup of luke-warm water. Use an egg beater to mix the soap and water together to make a thick foam. Dish detergent is great for cleaning upholstery, try to use natural or biodegradable which is gentler on the fabric.

how to clean upholstery brushIf possible take the cushion off to make cleaning and drying easier. Using a soft bristled brush apply the foamy mixture onto the stain, use a small amount like the size of a quarter to start with and slowly add more if the stain is larger or needs more cleaning power. Then gently massage the cleaning solution into the stain using the brush. Brush at the stain for a full minute to let the soap penetrate the fabric and loosen dirt and grime from the fabric. If the stain is tuff you may need to let the cleaning mixture rest on the stain for 5 minutes. Then gently wipe the grimy foam away.

Rinse the grime away

how to clean upholsteryUse a clean white cloth or rag to clean away the grimy foam. Damp the rag with clean water and gently rinse the spot and wipe away any suds that were left over. Repeat this process as many times as needed with rinsing the white cloth in between. You don’t want to put any grime back into the fabric so you will need to rinse the white cloth every 30 seconds in clean water to wash away any dirt that is being transferred into the cloth. Don’t use a colored cloth or rag so that the color doesn’t get into the upholstery. You can also use a special appliance that’s made to throughly rinse the upholstery.

Dry the upholstery

Before you use your furniture again it is important that you dry it out thoroughly. If it is not completely dried when using it dirt can get trapped in the damp spot causing another dirt spot that will need to be cleaned out again. Also if it isn’t dried properly mildew can build up and a bad odor may result. Once it is completely dry replace the cushion.

Couch Cleaning – What’s The Best Way?

Couch Cleaning – What’s The Best Way?

Couch Cleaning – What’s The Best WayLike any piece of furniture, your couch will eventually turn into a soiled, wrinkly, and dusty upholstery especially with heavy use. Though it may never go back to its brand-new state, you still can salvage it and extend its shelf-life through a thorough cleaning procedure. The more damage and imperfection the couch has, the less likely that it can be restored to its original appearance.

What is the most effective way to clean your couch?

The best way involves hiring professional services. Cleaning specialists have the right tools and experience, and know the best methods to tackle the situation. There is no problem so complicated that these professionals cannot solve — from difficult-to-remove stains to other types of damages and imperfections.

However, if you feel that doing the cleaning yourself is more cost-effective, here are some guidelines that are worth heeding.

It’s important to determine the type of fabric your couch has. This is a crucial information because couches are made from different types of fabrics, which can require special maintenance and care instructions. Some are for dy-clean only, while others can be washed with a cleaning agent.

Couch Cleaning – What’s The Best Way Washed with a Cleaning AgentThat said, read the instructions carefully. Couches normally come with a code or cleaning label which should be somewhere on the side or underneath the upholstery.

If it says “dry clean,” you must turn to the professionals. It is easy to ruin your couch if you do not know proper dry-cleaning methods, and if you don’t have the necessary equipment to use. However, if the fabric can be made clean by steam cleaning, you can head over to the nearest store and rent a steam cleaner.

Another option that you will most likely to have is cleaning through cleaning products. But before you decide to use your ordinary soap or detergent to scrub away your couch’s dirt, know that there are some ugly consequences when doing this.

For one, soap can create a residue in the fabric, which can easily attract dirt over time. When this happens, your couch will be much difficult to clean. Second, detergent can make the fabric stiff, rough, and uncomfortable to touch. Third, not all imperfections can vanish with ordinary cleaning products.

Therefore, aim for the products that professionals use. Some of the top-rated brands that you can easily buy include the following: Mothers Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner, BISSEL Fabric & Upholstery Shampoo, Blue Coral Upholstery Cleaner, White Wizard Spot Remover, and Eco Touch Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner.

Couch Cleaning – What’s The Best Way Remove a StainThese products have different characteristics. Some are foam-based, while others employ a fabric-safe brushing mechanism.

It is also important to take note not only of the type of fabric that your couch has but also its condition. If you are cleaning your upholstery to remove a stain, know the cause of the stain. Did it come from wine, coffee, tar, or grime?

Some cleaning products have limitations when it comes to stain removal, so when you correctly identify where the stain comes from, you won’t waste your money on buying the wrong product.